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We are ready to provide you with up-to-date refund information online, by phone, or during personal meeting


Withholding Calculator

If you are an employee, you can apply for help to decide whether you need to give your employer a new form W-4

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If you need help paying property tax, wish to apply for a property tax refund etc., our tax specialists are here for you

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Own a

As a business owner, you must know all tax pitfalls, that’s why our business planning department is working for you

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Lor Tax believes that selecting the right financial services firm is paramount to the financial success of any person or organization.

Our company believes in building relationships with our clients, and we view these relationships as partnerships. Our service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism of our people. We strive to service our clients by adhering to our own standard of excellence. Our business philosophy is to help our clients to provide them with the highest quality of services by implementing practices of nothing less than excellence as a company standard.

What Our Clients Say

Very kind and understanding! Excellent customer service too. He’s also very dedicated to giving back to the community. I highly recommend, my whole family file tax with them every year!

One of the only tax places that provide Burmese and Karen translation for tax services, which is wonderful. I refer my friends and family to come there every year.

I have been going to Lor Tax for over 4 years and they are very efficient and trustworthy. The Tax professionals are always polite and goes above and beyond to help my family and I with tax concerns and questions when needed. Highly recommend them.

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